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1. a. s. a. p
2. a s a p
3. a sport and a pastime
4. academics stand against poverty
5. adagio of spartacus and phrygia
6. advanced statistical analysis program
7. advanced systems analysis program
8. aerospace safety advisory panel
9. africa safari adventure park
10. african sunset annual phlox
11. aircraft sales and parts
12. algebraic sum and product
13. allele specific associated primer
14. always strive and prosper
15. applied security analysis program
16. aquino sora and pontecorvo
17. arab socialist action party
18. arabic sciences and philosophy
19. armenian students association of paris
20. army substance abuse program
21. as sick as a parrot
22. as slow as possible
23. as soon as possible
24. as straight as a pin
25. as sweet as pie
26. at the stroke of a pen
27. atypical small acinar proliferation


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