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1. achieve reach an understanding
2. acoustic reactance unit
3. acoustic resistance unit
4. act rule utilitarianism
5. acute rehabilitation unit
6. africa renewal university
7. al rashad union
8. al richard unser
9. al royal ummah
10. alice rosalie urquhart
11. all re-mixed up
12. almoda rana uprety
13. alzheimer's research uk
14. alzheimers research uk
15. american railway union
16. amphibious reconnaissance unit
17. anglia ruskin university
18. antarctica russian ukranian
19. any road up
20. aphthous recurrent ulcer
21. aquarium rescue unit
22. argentine rugby union
23. arizona rugby union
24. armed response unit
25. armed response units
26. army rugby union
27. arteria recurrens ulnaris
28. arthritis research uk
29. as the roots undo
30. atlantic records uk
31. auckland rugby union
32. audio response unit
33. australian railways union
34. automated response unit
35. autonomous recording unit
36. autonomous republic of ukraine
37. autonomous republics of ukraine
38. ayers rock uluru
39. azizur rahman usmani


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