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101. anthony r kuser
102. anthony robert klitz
103. anton robert krueger
104. apoptosis related killer
105. archaeological recording kit
106. archival resource key
107. arimilli radha krishna
108. armeena rana khan
109. arnold richard klemola
110. arthroplasty replacement knee
111. arthur randolph kelly
112. arthur robert kenney-herbert
113. arthur robert koch
114. arthur rolland kelly
115. ashok ramchandra kelkar
116. ashok row kavi
117. asjad raza khan
118. assassination of robert kennedy
119. assembly of the republic of kosovo
120. at a rate of knots
121. ataur rahman khan
122. atomic robo kid
123. avinash rai khanna
124. Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini
125. ayatollah ruhollah khomeini

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