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1. a man/woman/person of substance
2. a man of something
3. a man of stone
4. a man of straw
5. a man of substance
6. a matter of size
7. a maze of stars
8. a measure of salvation
9. a memory of solferino
10. a mess of something
11. a million/millions of sth
12. a miracle of science
13. a modicum of something
14. a moment of stillness
15. a month of sundays
16. a mountain of sth
17. a mouthful of sky
18. a multitude of sins
19. a myriad of something
20. accessory muscles of the scapula
21. advanced multi-mission operations system
22. afrasiab museum of samarkand
23. aggregate measure of support
24. aggregate measurement of support
25. ala major ossis sphenoidalis
26. ala minor ossis sphenoidalis
27. ali muhammad of shiraz
28. all manner of something
29. all manner of sth
30. ama manual of style
31. ancient mystic order of samaritans
32. ani maeda onsen station
33. animal model of schizophrenia
34. anna maria of sweden
35. anti-cession movement of sarawak
36. apollo m. o. smith
37. apollo m o smith
38. apple mac operating system
39. apple macintosh operating system
40. archaeological museum of sifnos
41. archaeological museum of sitia
42. archaeological museum of sparta
43. archeological museum of seville
44. armenian monastery of suceava


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