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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase east suffolk district.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. east suffolk
2. suffolk coastal
3. waveney
4. west suffolk
5. somerset west and taunton
6. st edmundsbury
7. west somerset
8. dorset
9. forest heath
10. taunton deane
11. east northamptonshire
12. east dorset
13. west dorset
14. bexhill-on-sea
15. purbeck
16. south northamptonshire
17. borough of eastleigh
18. cumberland
19. aylesbury vale
20. west berkshire
21. folkestone and hythe
22. cambridgeshire and isle of ely
23. northampton
24. central bedfordshire
25. highcliffe
26. king's lynn and west norfolk
27. wycombe
28. north lincolnshire
29. daventry
30. wellingborough
31. south bucks
32. east hertfordshire
33. mid sussex district
34. north warwickshire
35. cheshire west and chester
36. christchurch
37. west lancashire
38. south kesteven
39. north yorkshire council
40. north kesteven

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