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We found 48 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word cutting:
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Business dictionaries Business (2 matching dictionaries)
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Religion dictionaries Religion (1 matching dictionary)
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Sports dictionaries Sports (1 matching dictionary)
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Tech dictionaries Tech (2 matching dictionaries)
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Quick definitions from WordNet (cutting)

noun:  the act of diluting something ("The cutting of whiskey with water")
noun:  a piece cut off from the main part of something
noun:  a part (sometimes a root or leaf or bud) removed from a plant to propagate a new plant through rooting or grafting
noun:  the act of shortening something by cutting off the ends
noun:  the act of cutting something into parts ("His cutting of the cake made a terrible mess")
noun:  the act of penetrating or opening open with a sharp edge
noun:  the division of a deck of cards before dealing ("The cutting of the cards soon became a ritual")
noun:  cutting away parts to create a desired shape
noun:  the activity of selecting the scenes to be shown and putting them together to create a film
noun:  an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine
adjective:  (of speech) harsh or hurtful in tone or character ("Cutting remarks")
adjective:  suitable for cutting or severing ("A cutting tool")
adjective:  as physically painful as if caused by a sharp instrument ("A cutting wind")
adjective:  unpleasantly cold and damp
name:  A surname (rare: 1 in 100000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #8070)

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