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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase battle of chakirmaut.
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1. battle of kili
2. battle of parwan
3. mongol conquest of the jin dynasty
4. battle of yehuling
5. battle of wadi al-khaznadar
6. battle of zhongdu
7. battle of samara bend
8. battle of the indus
9. battle of the kalka river
10. mongol invasion of central asia
11. battle of firaz
12. siege of gurganj
13. battle of chamkaur
14. battle of the terek river
15. battle of kumsong
16. battle of chausa
17. battle of qatwan
18. battle of ghazni
19. battle of salsu
20. siege of kazan
21. mongol conquest of china
22. battle of the kondurcha river
23. battle of ghaghra
24. battle of thymbra
25. second battle of homs
26. mongol conquest of western xia
27. battle of gaugamela
28. third perso-turkic war
29. battle of eylau
30. second battle of tarain
31. mongol invasions of anatolia
32. battle of chanderi
33. battle of boju
34. battle of sandepu
35. battle of molodi
36. battle of river
37. battle of changde
38. battle of ansi
39. battles of khalkhin gol
40. battle of opis

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