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1. 'b' album
2. 1st album
3. 1st mini album
4. 2 cute shinseinaru best album
5. 4th english album
6. 5% album
7. 6th otakebi album
8. a album
9. a ballad album
10. a christmas album
11. a family album
12. a prairie home album
13. a very starkid album
14. abba the album
15. absolute first album
16. acoustic album
17. adobe photoshop album
18. aerosmith's fifteenth studio album
19. aerosmiths fifteenth studio album
20. air farce comedy album
21. albino album
22. album
23. album album
24. an asmr album
25. andy williams christmas album
26. anne murray's christmas album
27. anne murrays christmas album
28. arany-album
29. arany album
30. archies christmas album
31. argentum album
32. aria award for best children's album
33. aria award for best childrens album
34. aria award for best classical album
35. aria award for best country album
36. aria award for best jazz album
37. aria award for best rock album
38. aria award for best urban album
39. aria award for best world music album
40. arsenicum album
41. arsenicumalbum
42. art garfunkel album
43. ascendant album
44. astrud gilberto album
45. at last...the duets album
46. at lastthe duets album
47. auschwitz album
48. autograph album
49. b'day anthology video album
50. b album
51. barbara dickson album
52. barbra streisand album
53. bday anthology video album
54. bdp album
55. beach boys' christmas album
56. beach boys christmas album
57. beano album
58. beatles' christmas album
59. beatles' second album
60. beatles' white album
61. beatles blue album
62. beatles christmas album
63. beatles red album
64. beatles second album
65. beatles white album
66. belle album
67. bends album
68. benefit album
69. best alternative music album
70. best comedy album
71. best contemporary blues album
72. best contemporary christian music album
73. best contemporary folk album
74. best contemporary jazz album
75. best contemporary r&b album
76. best country album
77. best folk album
78. best gospel album
79. best historical album
80. best musical show album
81. best new age album
82. best pop album
83. best pop instrumental album
84. best pop vocal album
85. best r&b album
86. best rap album
87. best reggae album
88. best regional mexican music album
89. best regional roots music album
90. best rock album
91. best rock or rap gospel album
92. best roots gospel album
93. best selling album
94. best spoken word album
95. best surround sound album
96. best traditional blues album
97. best traditional folk album
98. best traditional pop vocal album
99. best traditional tropical latin album
100. best tropical latin album

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