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1. 8bit heart
2. a big heart
3. a bleeding heart
4. a bullet through the heart
5. a change of heart
6. a cold heart
7. a cowboy's born with a broken heart
8. a cowboys born with a broken heart
9. a divided heart
10. a fonder heart
11. a gentleman at heart
12. a good heart
13. a heart-to-heart
14. a heart to heart
15. a heavy heart
16. a heavy purse makes a light heart
17. a hole in my heart
18. a man/woman after your own heart
19. a man after my own heart
20. a man after own heart
21. a man woman after your own heart
22. a message to your heart
23. a mighty heart
24. a new beat from a dead heart
25. a rainbow plays in my heart
26. a recipe for the heart
27. a sailor's sweetheart
28. a sailors sweetheart
29. a simple heart
30. a soldier's sweetheart
31. a soldiers sweetheart
32. a solid bond in your heart
33. a stake to the heart
34. a stout heart
35. a stranger's heart
36. a strangers heart
37. a thorn for every heart
38. a warrior's heart
39. a warriors heart
40. a wife's heart
41. a wifes heart
42. a woman's heart
43. a woman after own heart
44. a womans heart
45. abbot of sweetheart
46. according to my heart
47. aching heart
48. achy breaky heart
49. achy jakey heart
50. across my heart
51. act of the heart
52. act young at heart
53. activate my heart
54. adeadheart
55. adieu false heart
56. adora belle dearheart
57. adrian bloom bleeding heart
58. advice for the young at heart
59. affair of the heart
60. affairs of the heart
61. african greenheart
62. after god's own heart
63. after gods own heart
64. after his own heart
65. after one's own heart
66. after one`s own heart
67. after ones own heart
68. after own heart
69. after your own heart
70. ain't my beating heart
71. aint my beating heart
72. airheart
73. alarms in the heart
74. alba bleeding heart
75. alice reinheart
76. all heart
77. all of my heart
78. alone in your heart
79. alternation of heart
80. alternation of the heart
81. alto adige in the heart
82. altus theart
83. always breaking my heart
84. always in my heart
85. amber heart
86. amelia earheart
87. america's sweetheart
88. america by heart
89. america is in the heart
90. american heart
91. americas sweetheart
92. amplified heart
93. an acrobat's heart
94. an acrobats heart
95. an ardent heart
96. an ashtray heart
97. an insomniac's guide to a lonely heart
98. an insomniacs guide to a lonely heart
99. an open heart
100. analog heart

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