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1. 3rd wish
2. a child's wish
3. a childs wish
4. a dream is a wish your heart makes
5. a secret wish
6. a simple wish
7. a wish for christmas
8. a wish for marilynne
9. a wish for wings that work
10. a wish list
11. a wish of my sister
12. aao wish karein
13. annabelle's wish
14. annabelles wish
15. as you wish
16. as you wish like
17. ask wish for the moon
18. a’gur’s wish
19. be careful what you wish for
20. big tall wish
21. birthday wish
22. bullet proof..i wish i was
23. bullet proofi wish i was
24. cafe little wish
25. care bears' big wish movie
26. care bears big wish movie
27. careful what you wish for
28. caterpillar wish
29. charlie's death wish
30. charlies death wish
31. children's wish foundation
32. children's wish foundation of canada
33. childrens wish foundation
34. childrens wish foundation of canada
35. christmas wish
36. damn i wish i was your lover
37. death wish
38. death wish 2
39. death wish 3
40. death wish 4
41. death wish 5
42. death wish coffee
43. death wish ii
44. death wish iii
45. def wish
46. def wish cast
47. don't you wish
48. dont you wish
49. dying wish
50. dying wish records
51. emma's wish
52. emmas wish
53. express a wish
54. express a wish to obtain
55. extension of the wish
56. first wish
57. fond hope wish dream etc
58. fourth wish
59. genie gets her wish
60. get one's wish
61. get ones wish
62. greatest wish in the world
63. have a death wish
64. have no wish
65. have no wish to do something
66. hope wish swear to god
67. i couldn’t ask wish for
68. i don’t wish to be rude/ungrateful etc
69. i don’t wish to be rude ungrateful etc
70. i hope swear wish etc to god
71. i just wish you were someone i love
72. i make a wish for a potato
73. i wish
74. i wish he didn't trust me so much
75. i wish he didnt trust me so much
76. i wish i'd said that
77. i wish i could break your heart
78. i wish i could forget you
79. i wish i could have been there
80. i wish i could stay here
81. i wish i had a nickel
82. i wish i had a wife
83. i wish i knew
84. i wish i was a mole in the ground
85. i wish i was in dixie
86. i wish i was in dixie's land
87. i wish i was in dixies land
88. i wish i was james bond
89. i wish i was queer so i could get chicks
90. i wish i was santa claus
91. i wish i was still in your dreams
92. i wish i were in love again
93. i wish i were the moon
94. i wish i wish
95. i wish id said that
96. i wish it could be christmas everyday
97. i wish it was christmas today
98. i wish it would rain
99. i wish it would rain down
100. i wish my brother george was here

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