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1. all those wasted years
2. an evening wasted with tom lehrer
3. another wasted night
4. be wasted
5. be wasted on
6. be wasted on someone
7. elegantly wasted
8. life wasted
9. no opportunity wasted
10. nothing is wasted
11. recovering the wasted years
12. the wasted times
13. time well wasted
14. w is for wasted
15. wasted
16. wasted & ready
17. wasted away
18. wasted breath
19. wasted days
20. wasted days and wasted nights
21. wasted heart
22. wasted in jackson
23. wasted little djs
24. wasted love
25. wasted on sb
26. wasted on the dream
27. wasted on the way
28. wasted on the young
29. wasted penguinz
30. wasted spark
31. wasted talent
32. wasted tasters
33. wasted time
34. wasted times
35. wasted ventilation
36. wasted vote
37. wasted words
38. wasted years
39. wasted youth
40. wasted youth brew
41. youth is wasted on the young


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