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1. adaptive versatile engine technology
2. digital versatile disc
3. digital versatile disc-read only memory
4. digital versatile disc read only memory
5. digital versatile discs
6. digital versatile disk
7. digital versatile disk random access memory
8. digital versatile disk rewritable
9. digital versatile disks
10. digital versatile doom
11. dogital versatile disk
12. dvd - digital versatile disc
13. dvd digital versatile disc
14. enhanced versatile disc
15. extensible versatile editor
16. forward versatile disc
17. high-definition versatile disc
18. high definition versatile disc
19. holographic versatile card
20. holographic versatile disc
21. holographic versatile disk
22. plug 3 versatile crib funk
23. the versatile impressions
24. versatile
25. versatile anther
26. versatile autocycle
27. versatile automatic test equipment
28. versatile impressions
29. versatile laboratory aid
30. versatile multilayer disc
31. versatile real-time executive
32. versatile real time executive
33. versatile service engine
34. versatile test reactor
35. versatile toroidal facility
36. versatile varieties
37. versatile video coding


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