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101. stage ii cancer of the uterus
102. stage iii cancer of the uterus
103. stage iv cancer of the uterus
104. subseptate uterus
105. t-shaped uterus
106. t shaped uterus
107. tipped uterus
108. triangular uterus
109. unicorn uterus
110. unicornuate uterus
111. uterine neck neck of uterus
112. uterus
113. uterus acollis
114. uterus arcuatus
115. uterus bicornate bicollis
116. uterus bicornate unicollis
117. uterus bicornis
118. uterus bifidus
119. uterus biforis
120. uterus bilocularis
121. uterus bipartitus
122. uterus cancer
123. uterus contraction of the
124. uterus cordiformis
125. uterus didelphys
126. uterus didelphys duplex uterus
127. uterus duplex
128. uterus incudiformis
129. uterus masculinus
130. uterus of a heifer
131. uterus parvicollis
132. uterus prolapsed
133. uterus retroversion
134. uterus scraping
135. uterus septus
136. uterus subseptus
137. uterus tipped
138. uterus transplantation
139. uterus triangularis
140. uterus unicornis
141. vesical surface of uterus

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