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1. aborted takeoff
2. assisted takeoff
3. automatic takeoff
4. balanced field takeoff
5. crosswind-takeoff
6. crosswind takeoff
7. do a takeoff on
8. four-point takeoff
9. four point takeoff
10. jet-assisted takeoff
11. jet assisted takeoff
12. max takeoff weight
13. maximum takeoff weight
14. minimum interval takeoff
15. optimum takeoff zone
16. power takeoff
17. ready for takeoff
18. rejected takeoff
19. rocket-assisted takeoff
20. rocket assisted takeoff
21. short takeoff and landing
22. short takeoff and landing aircraft
23. stream takeoff
24. takeoff
25. takeoff and landing
26. takeoff assist
27. takeoff board
28. takeoff booster
29. takeoff discography
30. takeoff distance
31. takeoff line
32. takeoff rocket
33. takeoff weight
34. vertical takeoff
35. vertical takeoff and landing
36. vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
37. vertical takeoff and landing craft
38. verticle takeoff or landing


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