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1. ...and they shall take up serpents
2. able to take a joke
3. able to take just so much
4. able to take only so much
5. aborted take-off
6. aborted take off
7. accept take as gospel
8. accept take sth on faith
9. actions to take
10. all students take calculus
11. alternate take
12. alternative take
13. and they shall take up serpents
14. angels take manhattan
15. assisted take-off
16. assisted take off
17. asterix & obelix take on caesar
18. asterix and obelix take on caesar
19. at midnight i'll take your soul
20. at midnight ill take your soul
21. automatic take-off
22. automatic take off
23. baby let me take you
24. baby let me take you home
25. baby take a bow
26. be on the take
27. be take a weight off your mind
28. be take long
29. bear take the brunt of something
30. been on the take
31. being on the take
32. belt take-up
33. belt take up
34. best of take 6
35. best of take that
36. blow take the lid off sth
37. borrow take a page from someone
38. borrow take a page from someones book
39. breath you take
40. bribe to take a false oath
41. bring / take back
42. bring take back
43. bring take home
44. bring take sb down a peg
45. brown shoe company's homes-take factory
46. brown shoe companys homes take factory
47. c'mon take on me
48. call take the register
49. can't take a trick
50. can't take eyes off
51. can't take me home
52. can't take my eyes off of you
53. can't take my eyes off you
54. can't take sth
55. can't take that away from me
56. can't take the pace
57. can't you take a joke
58. can i take a message
59. can i take u home
60. can i take your order
61. can take a joke
62. can take it
63. can take it or leave it
64. can take it to the bank
65. can take something or leave it
66. cannot take tumble drying
67. cant take a trick
68. cant take eyes off
69. cant take me home
70. cant take my eyes off of you
71. cant take my eyes off you
72. cant take sth
73. cant take that away
74. cant take that away from me
75. cant take the pace
76. cant you take a joke
77. can’t take your eyes off
78. capacity to take pain
79. carry take coals to newcastle
80. catch get grab take hold of sth sb
81. catch take someone unawares
82. chanwa ke take chakor
83. check take feel someones pulse
84. chinese take-away
85. chinese take-out
86. chinese take away
87. chinese take out
88. cmon take on me
89. come and take it
90. come and take them
91. come in and take a load off your feet
92. constant torque on take-off
93. constant torque on take off
94. could i take a message
95. could i take your order
96. country roads take me home
97. cowboy take me away
98. da' take over
99. da take over
100. devil-take-the-hindmost

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