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1. catastrophe swaps
2. credit default swaps
3. currency swaps
4. debt-for-nature swaps
5. debt for nature swaps
6. debt swaps
7. degree-day swaps
8. degree day swaps
9. equity swaps
10. exchange of futures for swaps
11. fixed-for-fixed swaps
12. fixed for fixed swaps
13. foreign currency swaps
14. forward starting swaps
15. gypsy swaps
16. hot-swaps
17. hot swaps
18. interest-rate swaps
19. interest rate swaps
20. intermarket spread swaps
21. international swaps and derivatives association
22. language swaps
23. local authorities swaps litigation
24. nondeliverable swaps
25. overnight indexed swaps
26. palette swaps
27. rate anticipation swaps
28. swaps
29. swaps in
30. swaps out
31. swaps spit
32. total return swaps


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