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1. a good safe sure bet
2. a sure bet
3. a sure thing
4. adolphus f. st. sure
5. adolphus f st sure
6. adolphus frederic st. sure
7. adolphus frederic st sure
8. al b. sure
9. al b sure
10. almost sure convergence
11. are you sure
12. are you sure hank done it this way
13. as sure as
14. as sure as eggs is eggs
15. as sure as fate
16. as sure as the dawn
17. as sure as the sun
18. be a sure thing
19. be sure
20. be sure of/about sb
21. be sure of about sb
22. be sure of getting/winning sth
23. be sure of getting winning sth
24. be sure of oneself
25. be sure of sth
26. be sure of yourself
27. be sure to
28. be sure to do something
29. be sure to share
30. been sure
31. being sure
32. can't be sure
33. can't say for sure
34. cant be sure
35. cant say for sure
36. certain sure
37. criterion for almost-sure convergence
38. criterion for almost sure convergence
39. dead sure
40. even my sure things fall through
41. feel sure of
42. feste sure
43. flchtige sure
44. for sure
45. geaces sure
46. good safe sure bet
47. heng sure
48. how can i be sure
49. i am so sure
50. i sure can smell the rain
51. is sure
52. it sure is monday
53. know sure thing oscillator
54. let's make sure we kiss goodbye
55. lets make sure we kiss goodbye
56. made sure
57. make certain sure
58. make sure
59. make sure again
60. make sure of
61. make sure they see my face
62. make sure you're home for christmas
63. make sure youre home for christmas
64. makes sure
65. making sure
66. maybe for sure
67. my radio sure sounds good to me
68. not sure
69. not sure if job offer is legal
70. nothing sure looked good on you
71. of this i'm sure
72. of this im sure
73. oh im sure like ``yeah
74. oh sure
75. one thing is sure
76. perfectly sure
77. pot-sure
78. pot sure
79. self-sure
80. self sure
81. she sure got away with my heart
82. slow and sure
83. slow but sure
84. sure
85. sure-enough
86. sure-enougha
87. sure-fire
88. sure-fire current
89. sure-footed
90. sure-footedly
91. sure-footedness
92. sure-footednesses
93. sure-handed
94. sure-handedly
95. sure-handedness
96. sure-handednesses
97. sure-lax
98. sure-p
99. sure-thing principle
100. sure & steadfast

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