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1. 1 area support group
2. 1 close support battalion reme
3. 1st air support operations group
4. 1st army aviation support regiment idra
5. 1st australian logistic support group
6. 1st australian logistics support group
7. 1st health support battalion
8. 1st line support
9. 1st mission support command
10. 2 area support group signal squadron
11. 2d air support operations squadron
12. 2d transportation support battalion
13. 2nd force support battalion
14. 2nd support group
15. 3d air support operations group
16. 3d air support operations squadron
17. 3rd corps support command
18. 3rd health support battalion
19. 3rd transportation support battalion
20. 4 engineer support regiment
21. 4th air support operations squadron
22. 4th canadian division support group
23. 4th landing support battalion
24. 4th military information support group
25. 5th air support operations squadron
26. 6th engineer support battalion
27. 7th air support operations squadron
28. 7th engineer support battalion
29. 7th support group
30. 8 artillery support regiment rlc
31. 8th air support operations squadron
32. 8th engineer support battalion
33. 8th military information support group
34. 9th air support operations squadron
35. 9th engineer support battalion
36. 9th force support battalion
37. 9th mission support command
38. a scientific support for darwinism
39. absalon-class support ship
40. absalon class command and support ship
41. absalon class flexible support ship
42. absalon class support ship
43. abuse protection support
44. acoustic warfare support measures
45. act in support
46. active support
47. ada programming support environment
48. additional support needs act
49. advance guard support
50. advanced aerial fire support system
51. advanced burn life support
52. advanced cardiac life support
53. advanced life support
54. advanced life support in obstetrics
55. advanced life support methods
56. advanced logistic support site
57. advanced pediatric life support
58. advanced perfusion support
59. advanced trauma life support
60. advanced ventilatory support
61. aerospace operational support group raaf
62. aeroterrestrial support battalion
63. afford support
64. afloat support
65. after-sales support
66. after sales support
67. aga khan rural support programme
68. aggregate measure of support
69. aggregate measurement of support
70. agree to support
71. aids support organization
72. air force civil engineer support agency
73. air force medical support agency
74. air logistic support
75. air logistic support operation
76. air support
77. air support operations center
78. air support request
79. airport ground support equipment
80. airway operational support
81. al basra-class offshore support vessel
82. al basra class offshore support vessel
83. allege in support
84. alternation of support
85. amiga support and maintenance software
86. anaconda logistical support area
87. antisubmarine air distant support
88. antisubmarine close air support
89. antisubmarine support operation
90. aps: application support
91. arbor support
92. arch support
93. area jamming support
94. area support unit chilliwack
95. army aviation support facility
96. army space support team
97. army support base eastern cape
98. army training support center
99. artificial extracorporeal liver support
100. artificial life support

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