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1. abnormal sputum
2. bacteriologic sputum examination
3. bloody sputum
4. brick-red sputum
5. brick red sputum
6. currant jelly sputum
7. cytologic sputum examination
8. globular sputum
9. green sputum
10. induced sputum
11. nummular sputum
12. prune-juice sputum
13. prune juice sputum
14. routine sputum culture
15. rusty sputum
16. sputum
17. sputum-diagnostic utility
18. sputum aerogenosum
19. sputum analysis
20. sputum collection trap
21. sputum cruentum
22. sputum culture
23. sputum culture and sensitivity test
24. sputum cup
25. sputum cups
26. sputum cytology
27. sputum diagnostic utility
28. sputum for acid-fast organisms
29. sputum for acid fast organisms
30. sputum fungal smear
31. sputum gram stain
32. sputum smear
33. sputum specimen
34. sputum stain for mycobacteria


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