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1. -something
2. ...is it something i said
3. ...only to do something
4. a/some semblance of something
5. a/the ghost of something
6. a/the picture of something
7. a badge of something
8. a bit of a something
9. a blot on something
10. a bubble of something
11. a crack at something
12. a crying need for something
13. a feeling about something
14. a fountain of something
15. a froth of something
16. a function of something
17. a gob of something
18. a good/great deal of something
19. a good great deal of something
20. a grasp of something
21. a heap of something
22. a hedge against something
23. a helluva someone or something
24. a hold on something
25. a hostage to something
26. a keen eye for something
27. a licence to do something
28. a license to do something
29. a lick of something
30. a little something
31. a little something for us tempunauts
32. a little something special
33. a load of/loads of something
34. a load of loads of something
35. a man of something
36. a mess of something
37. a modicum of something
38. a monument to something
39. a myriad of something
40. a number of something
41. a part in something
42. a pathetic/poor/sad excuse for something
43. a pathetic poor sad excuse for something
44. a peg on which to hang something
45. a peg to hang something on
46. a poor man’s something
47. a question mark over something
48. a riot of something
49. a rising tide of something
50. a run on something
51. a sea of something
52. a slew of something
53. a some semblance of something
54. a stab at something
55. a surfeit of something
56. a suspicion of something
57. a the ghost of something
58. a the picture of something
59. a ticket to something
60. a touch of something
61. a wash of something
62. a whack at something
63. a who’s who of something
64. a window on/onto/into something
65. a window on onto into something
66. abandon someone something to
67. abandon yourself to something
68. abc of something
69. abc’s of something
70. about to do something
71. accept something on faith
72. accommodate to something
73. account for something
74. accustom yourself to something
75. acme of something
76. acquaint yourself with something
77. acquire a taste for something
78. acres of something
79. act something out
80. address something to
81. adjudge something to
82. advent of something
83. advise against something
84. after the style of someone or something
85. against a backcloth of something
86. aim something at
87. aimed at something
88. akin to something
89. all manner of something
90. all of something
91. always something there
92. always something there to remind me
93. amount to something
94. amp something up
95. an apology for something
96. an excursion into something
97. an improvement on something
98. and so someone something is
99. annals of something
100. anoint something with

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