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1. broodmare sire
2. confirmed sire
3. for lies i sire
4. get-of-sire
5. get of sire
6. ikaibana sire
7. james w. sire
8. james w sire
9. jaymee sire
10. jean sire de joinville
11. joinville jean sire de
12. la neuville-sire-bernard
13. la neuville sire bernard
14. leading broodmare sire in north america
15. leading sire in australia
16. leading sire in germany
17. leading sire in great britain & ireland
18. leading sire in japan
19. leading sire in north america
20. list of sire records artists
21. london-sire records
22. london sire records
23. northern dancer sire line
24. ontario sire stakes
25. philippe de remi sire de beaumanoir
26. poet sire of italy
27. popular sire effect
28. proven sire
29. sibu sire
30. sire
31. sire-family average
32. sire de bourbon
33. sire de grugy
34. sire evaluation
35. sire family average
36. sire index
37. sire indexes
38. sire line
39. sire ma
40. sire of vincigliata
41. sire raul
42. sire records
43. sire verification
44. the sire of vincigliata
45. villers-sire-nicole
46. villers sire nicole


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