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1. acceptance of shipment
2. advice of shipment
3. block shipment
4. collect shipment
5. complete shipment
6. consolidated shipment
7. contents dislodged during shipment
8. direct shipment
9. drop shipment
10. foreign shipment
11. found shipment
12. global shipment consignment number
13. net photovoltaic module shipment
14. partial shipment
15. post-shipment verifications
16. post shipment verifications
17. pre-shipment inspection
18. pre shipment finance
19. pre shipment inspection
20. price prevailing at date of shipment
21. received for shipment bill of lading
22. received shipment of good not paid for
23. returned shipment rate
24. returned shipment rates
25. shipment
26. shipment categories
27. shipment contract
28. short shipment
29. simultaneous shipment
30. split shipment
31. the shipment
32. trans-shipment
33. trans shipment
34. transit shipment
35. value of shipment


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