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1. break of serves
2. cannonball serves
3. fastest recorded tennis serves
4. hoppy serves a writ
5. if memory serves
6. if memory serves correctly
7. if memory serves me
8. if memory serves me correctly
9. if memory serves me right
10. if memory serves me rightly
11. if memory serves right
12. if memory serves rightly
13. if my memory serves me
14. if my memory serves me correctly
15. if my memory serves me right
16. if my memory serves me rightly
17. illegal serves
18. it serves right
19. it serves someone right
20. it serves you right
21. mary mccartney serves it up
22. memory serves
23. ponte de serves
24. re-serves
25. re serves
26. second serves
27. serves
28. serves her right
29. serves him right
30. serves its turn
31. serves me right
32. serves notice
33. serves one right
34. serves out
35. serves right
36. serves someone right
37. serves sth up/out
38. serves sth up out
39. serves them right
40. serves time
41. serves turn
42. serves two masters
43. serves up
44. serves us right
45. serves well
46. serves you right
47. soft-serves
48. soft serves
49. twist serves
50. two consecutive screen serves


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