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201. putting out to tender
202. putting over
203. putting over on
204. putting paid
205. putting paid to
206. putting pants on philip
207. putting pen to paper
208. putting people first
209. putting right
210. putting salt on the tail
211. putting sb away
212. putting sb down
213. putting sb down as sth
214. putting sb down for sth
215. putting sb down somewhere
216. putting sb off
217. putting sb off sth
218. putting sb off sth/sb
219. putting sb off sth sb
220. putting sb on
221. putting sb onto sth
222. putting sb out
223. putting sb through
224. putting sb through sth
225. putting sb up
226. putting sb up to sth
227. putting seal
228. putting seal on
229. putting shirt on
230. putting shoulder to the wheel
231. putting someone in their place
232. putting someone on blast
233. putting something behind one
234. putting something in the vault
235. putting something straight
236. putting sth/sb down
237. putting sth/sb forth
238. putting sth/sb forward
239. putting sth/sb up
240. putting sth about/around
241. putting sth about around
242. putting sth across
243. putting sth across/over sb
244. putting sth across over sb
245. putting sth aside
246. putting sth at sth
247. putting sth away
248. putting sth back
249. putting sth before sb
250. putting sth behind you
251. putting sth by
252. putting sth down
253. putting sth down somewhere
254. putting sth down to sth
255. putting sth forward
256. putting sth in
257. putting sth in/put sth into sth
258. putting sth in put sth into sth
259. putting sth into sth
260. putting sth off
261. putting sth on
262. putting sth out
263. putting sth over/across
264. putting sth over across
265. putting sth sb down
266. putting sth sb forth
267. putting sth sb forward
268. putting sth sb up
269. putting sth to sb
270. putting sth together
271. putting sth towards sth
272. putting sth up
273. putting stock
274. putting stone
275. putting stones
276. putting store by
277. putting store on
278. putting straight
279. putting surface
280. putting that in pipe and smoke it
281. putting the acid on
282. putting the arm on
283. putting the ball
284. putting the bite on
285. putting the boot
286. putting the cart before the horse
287. putting the cat among the pigeons
288. putting the clocks back
289. putting the clocks forward
290. putting the days to bed
291. putting the fear of god
292. putting the fear of god into
293. putting the finger on
294. putting the finishing touches
295. putting the flag out
296. putting the flags out
297. putting the frighteners on
298. putting the hand under the thigh
299. putting the hard word on
300. putting the heat on

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