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101. putting his foot down
102. putting his foot in his mouth
103. putting holes in happiness
104. putting house in order
105. putting ideas into head
106. putting in
107. putting in an appearance
108. putting in another person's shoes
109. putting in another persons shoes
110. putting in custody
111. putting in fear
112. putting in for
113. putting in for sth
114. putting in her place
115. putting in his place
116. putting in mind
117. putting in order
118. putting in place
119. putting in shoes
120. putting in the way
121. putting into
122. putting into action
123. putting into head
124. putting into words
125. putting iron
126. putting irons
127. putting it
128. putting it about
129. putting it mildly
130. putting it on the line
131. putting it over
132. putting it straight
133. putting it together
134. putting lie to
135. putting lipstick on a pig
136. putting me straight
137. putting me up to
138. putting mind
139. putting money on
140. putting money where mouth is
141. putting my feelings into words
142. putting my finger on
143. putting my foot down
144. putting my foot in my mouth
145. putting neck on the block
146. putting nose out of joint
147. putting oar
148. putting off
149. putting off the evil day
150. putting off the evil hour
151. putting off the scent
152. putting off their stroke
153. putting on
154. putting on an act
155. putting on clothes
156. putting on clothing
157. putting on flesh
158. putting on frills
159. putting on notice
160. putting on side
161. putting on the block
162. putting on the dog
163. putting on the long finger
164. putting on the map
165. putting on the ritz
166. putting on the spot
167. putting on their mettle
168. putting on thinking cap
169. putting on to
170. putting on weight
171. putting one's feelings into words
172. putting one's finger on
173. putting one's foot down
174. putting one's foot in one's mouth
175. putting one's hands on
176. putting one over
177. putting one over on
178. putting one up to
179. putting ones feelings into words
180. putting ones finger on
181. putting ones foot down
182. putting ones foot in ones mouth
183. putting ones hands on
184. putting oneself in someone's place
185. putting oneself in someones place
186. putting our feelings into words
187. putting our feet down
188. putting our feet in our mouth
189. putting our feet in our mouths
190. putting our finger on
191. putting our foot down
192. putting our heads together
193. putting out
194. putting out a fire
195. putting out of mind
196. putting out of their misery
197. putting out system
198. putting out to grass
199. putting out to pasture
200. putting out to sea

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