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1. cancer prevalence
2. contraceptive prevalence
3. disease prevalence
4. instantaneous prevalence
5. languages by internet prevalence
6. lifetime prevalence
7. lipid research clinics prevalence study
8. period prevalence
9. point prevalence
10. point prevalence rate
11. prevalence
12. prevalence data
13. prevalence effect
14. prevalence index
15. prevalence models
16. prevalence of autism
17. prevalence of birth control
18. prevalence of circumcision
19. prevalence of female genital mutilation
20. prevalence of homosexuality
21. prevalence of mental disorders
22. prevalence of rabies
23. prevalence of teenage pregnancy
24. prevalence of tobacco consumption
25. prevalence of tobacco use
26. prevalence rate
27. prevalence survey
28. real prevalence
29. regulation and prevalence of homeopathy
30. spot prevalence
31. suicide prevalence
32. system prevalence


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