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1. acute prescribing
2. acute prescribing homeopathic medicine
3. complex prescribing
4. constitutional prescribing
5. e-prescribing
6. e prescribing
7. electronic prescribing
8. etiological prescribing
9. handheld electronic prescribing
10. homeopathic pathological prescribing
11. maudsley prescribing guidelines
12. medication prescribing
13. monthly prescribing reference
14. national prescribing service
15. pluralist prescribing
16. postcode prescribing
17. prescribing
18. prescribing cascade
19. prescribing information
20. prescribing strategy
21. self-prescribing
22. self prescribing
23. separation of prescribing and dispensing
24. social prescribing
25. unicist prescribing


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