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1. failure to prepare is preparing to fail
2. fore-prepare
3. fore prepare
4. if you want peace prepare for war
5. pre-prepare
6. pre prepare
7. prepare
8. prepare-with lard
9. prepare a complaint
10. prepare a formal request
11. prepare a meal
12. prepare a petition
13. prepare according to a formula
14. prepare an estimate
15. prepare by brewing
16. prepare for
17. prepare for crops
18. prepare for impact
19. prepare for life
20. prepare for microscopic study
21. prepare for publication
22. prepare for social life
23. prepare for summer
24. prepare for the worst
25. prepare for winter
26. prepare in an oven
27. prepare something specious
28. prepare the ground
29. prepare the ground for
30. prepare the preparations
31. prepare the royal highway
32. prepare the way
33. prepare the way/ground for something
34. prepare the way for something
35. prepare the way ground for something
36. prepare thyself to deal with a miracle
37. prepare to be wrong
38. prepare to deploy order
39. prepare with dry heat
40. prepare with lard


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