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1. cap plunging
2. doubly plunging fold
3. head plunging
4. plunging
5. plunging battery
6. plunging breaker
7. plunging cliff
8. plunging fire
9. plunging fires
10. plunging fold
11. plunging goiter
12. plunging hoofs
13. plunging in
14. plunging in/plunge into sth
15. plunging in plunge into sth
16. plunging into
17. plunging joint
18. plunging neckline
19. plunging necklines
20. plunging rod
21. plunging rods
22. plunging sb/sth into sth
23. plunging sb sth into sth
24. plunging termination


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