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1. congenital reduced phalanges
2. distal phalanges
3. finger phalanges
4. inherited congenital reduced phalanges
5. intermediate phalanges
6. middle phalanges
7. pedal phalanges
8. phalanges
9. phalanges bone
10. phalanges bones
11. phalanges digitorum
12. phalanges digitorum manus
13. phalanges digitorum pedis
14. phalanges distales
15. phalanges libanaises
16. phalanges mediae
17. phalanges of fingers
18. phalanges of foot
19. phalanges of hand
20. phalanges of the fingers
21. phalanges of the foot
22. phalanges of the hand
23. phalanges of the toes
24. phalanges of toes
25. phalanges proximales
26. proximal phalanges
27. toe phalanges
28. ungual phalanges


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