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1. buffy the vampire slayer adult parodies
2. downfall parodies
3. genre parodies
4. harry potter parodies
5. james bond parodies
6. jk rowling parodies
7. just another day in parodies
8. list of doctor who parodies
9. list of james bond parodies
10. list of parodies in gintama
11. list of s.h.e covers and parodies
12. list of she covers and parodies
13. list of tintin parodies and pastiches
14. national lampoon this side of parodies
15. parodies
16. parodies of harry potter
17. parodies of sarah palin
18. parodies of the ichthys symbol
19. parodies of wikipedia
20. prime minister parodies
21. references and parodies of indiana jones
22. self-parodies
23. self parodies


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