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1. -pants
2. a.k.a hero pants
3. a kick in the butt pants
4. a kick in the pants
5. a smarty pants
6. action pants
7. aka hero pants
8. angst in my pants
9. ants in her pants
10. ants in his pants
11. ants in its pants
12. ants in my pants
13. ants in one's pants
14. ants in ones pants
15. ants in our pants
16. ants in pants
17. ants in the pants
18. ants in their pants
19. ants in your pants
20. antsy pants
21. as pants the hart
22. baggy pants
23. baggy pants and the nitwits
24. be caught with pants down
25. be caught with your pants down
26. be caught with your pants trousers down
27. beat bore scare etc the pants off sb
28. beat the pants off
29. beat the pants off someone
30. beaten the pants off
31. beating the pants off
32. beats the pants off
33. bellbottom pants
34. big-boy pants
35. big-girl pants
36. big boy pants
37. big girl pants
38. bikini pants
39. bitchy-pants
40. bitchy pants
41. blow your pants off
42. blue pants
43. bondage pants
44. bore the pants off
45. bore the pants off of
46. bored the pants off
47. bores the pants off
48. boring the pants off
49. bossy-pants
50. bossy pants
51. by the seat of her pants
52. by the seat of his pants
53. by the seat of my pants
54. by the seat of one's pants
55. by the seat of ones pants
56. by the seat of our pants
57. by the seat of pants
58. by the seat of their pants
59. by the seat of your pants
60. by the seats of our pants
61. by the seats of their pants
62. by the seats of your pants
63. capri pants
64. cargo pants
65. carpenter's pants
66. carpenter pants
67. carpenter pants shorts
68. carpenters pants
69. catch sb with their pants trousers down
70. catch someone with their pants down
71. catch with pants down
72. catches with pants down
73. catching with pants down
74. caught with one's pants down
75. caught with ones pants down
76. caught with pants down
77. caught with your pants down
78. chain saw pants
79. charm the pants off
80. charm the pants off sb
81. chino pants
82. cigarette pants
83. combat pants
84. cranky pants games
85. crap one's pants
86. crap ones pants
87. crapping in one's pants
88. crapping in ones pants
89. crazy-pants
90. crazy pants
91. cream one's jeans / pants / knickers
92. cream ones jeans pants knickers
93. cropped pants
94. dancing in my nuddy-pants
95. dancing in my nuddy pants
96. de-pants
97. de pants
98. disco pants
99. dogs don't wear pants
100. dogs dont wear pants

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