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1. alpha operon ribosome binding site
2. ara operon
3. arabinose operon
4. ars operon
5. gal operon
6. glnalg operon
7. his operon
8. histidine operon leader
9. l-arabinose operon
10. l arabinose operon
11. lac operon
12. lactose operon
13. leucine operon leader
14. nik operon
15. operon
16. operon fusion
17. operon network
18. polycistronic operon
19. rrna operon
20. selfish operon
21. the operon
22. threonine operon leader
23. trp operon
24. tryptophan operon
25. tryptophan operon leader
26. tyrt operon


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