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101. odds in favor
102. odds maker
103. odds on
104. odds on favorite
105. odds on favourite
106. odds on favourites
107. odds or evens
108. odds or evenss
109. odds ratio
110. odds ratios
111. orvar odds saga
112. over the odds
113. pay over the odds
114. play the odds
115. played the odds
116. playing the odds
117. plays the odds
118. posterior odds
119. pot odds
120. relative odds
121. restack the odds
122. restacked the deck odds
123. reverse implied odds
124. rose against the odds
125. rule of odds
126. sbr odds
127. set at odds
128. short odds
129. shout the odds
130. shouted the odds
131. shouting the odds
132. shouts the odds
133. skewer the odds
134. slim odds
135. stack the odds against
136. stack the odds against someone
137. stack the odds in favor of
138. stack the odds in favor of someone
139. stack the odds in someone's favor
140. stack the odds in someones favor
141. take odds
142. takes odds
143. taking odds
144. the cards odds are stacked against you
145. the odds
146. the odds-on favorite
147. the odds-on favourite
148. the odds against
149. the odds against her
150. the odds are in favor of
151. the odds are in favor of something
152. the odds on favorite
153. the odds on favourite
154. the wizard of odds
155. tna against all odds
156. took odds
157. true odds
158. what's the odds
159. what are the odds
160. whats the odds
161. what’s the odds
162. when odds are even
163. wizard of odds

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