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1. 6 great short novels of science fiction
2. airport novels
3. anti-novels
4. anti-tom novels
5. anti novels
6. anti tom novels
7. author of novels
8. ballantyne novels
9. baron trump novels
10. before novels
11. being human novels
12. bengali novels
13. best selling novels of all time
14. birthright campaign novels
15. bolitho novels
16. buffy novels
17. buffyverse novels
18. carl hamilton novels
19. cerebus novels
20. chanur novels
21. characters in the novels of the company
22. chathrand novels
23. children's novels
24. childrens novels
25. city novels
26. classic chinese novels
27. courtney novels
28. dark sun novels
29. ddakjibon novels
30. deryni novels
31. detective novels
32. dime novels
33. dirty harry novels
34. discworld novels
35. doom novels
36. e-novels
37. e novels
38. early novels
39. eberron novels
40. erotic romance novels
41. fantastic novels
42. fantasy novels
43. first novels
44. forgotten realms novels
45. four classic novels
46. four great classical novels
47. galaxy novels
48. galaxy science fiction novels
49. gay novels
50. gender novels
51. georgian society in jane austen's novels
52. georgian society in jane austens novels
53. gothic novels
54. graphic novels
55. great short novels of adult fantasy i
56. greyhawk novels
57. guido brunetti novels
58. historical novels
59. horror novels
60. jack aubrey novels
61. james bond novels
62. jason bourne novels
63. jesse stone novels
64. kara-tur novels
65. kara tur novels
66. kinetic novels
67. korean novels
68. light novels
69. list of ace double novels
70. list of alien novels
71. list of alien vs. predator novels
72. list of alien vs predator novels
73. list of angel novels
74. list of award-winning graphic novels
75. list of award winning graphic novels
76. list of baccano! light novels
77. list of battletech novels
78. list of beast quest novels
79. list of best-selling visual novels
80. list of best selling visual novels
81. list of black library novels
82. list of blackford oakes novels
83. list of book girl light novels
84. list of boxcar children novels
85. list of buffy the vampire slayer novels
86. list of buffyverse novels
87. list of charmed novels and short stories
88. list of christian novels
89. list of claimed first novels in english
90. list of code geass light novels
91. list of contemporary epistolary novels
92. list of dark sun novels
93. list of diablo novels
94. list of doc savage novels
95. list of dragonlance novels
96. list of dungeons & dragons novels
97. list of fantasy novels
98. list of forgotten realms novels
99. list of full metal panic! light novels
100. list of fullmetal alchemist light novels

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