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1. adam nor azlin
2. age cannot wither her nor custom stale her infinite variety
3. and nor gate
4. bane nor
5. battle of yesil kol nor
6. be neither fish nor fowl
7. be neither here nor there
8. be neither one thing nor the other
9. bel-nor
10. bel nor
11. buff nor stye
12. buff nor styes
13. can't make head nor tail of
14. can't make head nor tail of sth
15. cant make head nor tail of
16. cant make head nor tail of sth
17. chick nor child
18. cut neither nails nor hair at sea
19. death of noramfaizul mohd nor
20. dnb nor
21. dolon nor
22. empok nor
23. exclusive-nor gate
24. exclusive nor
25. exclusive nor gate
26. find hide nor hair
27. for love nor money
28. gentle nor simple
29. gjensidige nor
30. hafiz nor
31. have neither rhyme nor reason
32. have not seen hide nor hair of someone
33. haven't seen hide nor hair of
34. havent seen hide nor hair of
35. hawk nor buzzard
36. heaven nor hell
37. here nor there
38. hide nor hair
39. it is neither here nor there
40. koh-e-nor diamond
41. koh-i-nor
42. koh-i-nor diamond
43. koh e nor diamond
44. koh i nor
45. koh i nor diamond
46. koko-nor
47. koko nor
48. kuku nor
49. lob nor
50. logical nor
51. lop-nor
52. lop nor
53. make head nor tail of
54. make neither head nor tail of
55. mohamad nor ismail
56. mohammad anwar mohammad nor
57. mohd anwar mohd nor
58. mohd nor farhan muhammad
59. mohd nor ismail
60. mohd nor monutty
61. mohd nor othman
62. mohd raimi mohd nor
63. nee nor
64. neither ... nor
65. neither a borrower nor a lender be
66. neither a hawk nor a dove
67. neither black nor white
68. neither blood nor sand
69. neither by day nor by night
70. neither chick nor child
71. neither confirm nor deny
72. neither fish flesh nor fowl
73. neither fish nor flesh
74. neither fish nor fowl
75. neither head nor tail
76. neither here nor there
77. neither man nor beast
78. neither more nor less
79. neither more nor less than
80. neither naked nor clothed
81. neither nor
82. neither one nor many
83. neither one thing nor the other
84. neither rhyme nor reason
85. neither rich nor poor
86. neither seen nor recognized
87. neither storm nor quake nor fire
88. neither victims nor executioners
89. neither wolf nor dog
90. neither would nor could
91. neither … nor
92. next nor near
93. no daylights... nor heel taps
94. no daylights nor heel taps
95. nor
96. nor-alta aviation
97. nor-am
98. nor-am cup
99. nor-aparan
100. nor-banding

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