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1. additional funds needed
2. all that we needed
3. ammunition and firearms are needed
4. as needed
5. available but not needed capability
6. badly needed
7. citation needed
8. compass andmap needed
9. further research is needed
10. have you ever needed someone so bad
11. help needed
12. i needed to fall
13. if i needed someone
14. if i needed you
15. if we've ever needed you
16. if weve ever needed you
17. information needed to open shelter
18. just what i needed
19. just when i needed you most
20. make needed
21. mechanic is needed
22. needed
23. needed item
24. needed like a hole in the head
25. needed me
26. needed no introduction
27. needed not
28. needed truth
29. needed truth brethren
30. never knew i needed
31. no money needed
32. number needed to harm
33. number needed to treat
34. number needed to vaccinate
35. numbers needed to harm
36. numbers needed to treat
37. take as needed for pain
38. urgently needed care
39. where were you when i needed you
40. work needed and prospective packages
41. you needed me


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