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1. air force meritorious unit award
2. decoration for meritorious services
3. defense meritorious service medal
4. joint meritorious unit award
5. meritorious
6. meritorious activist of culture
7. meritorious actor
8. meritorious architect
9. meritorious artist
10. meritorious artist of soviet union
11. meritorious artiste
12. meritorious civilian service award
13. meritorious conduct medal
14. meritorious consideration
15. meritorious considerations
16. meritorious dancer
17. meritorious defense
18. meritorious for polish culture
19. meritorious honor award
20. meritorious honor awards
21. meritorious poet
22. meritorious public service medal
23. meritorious sculptor
24. meritorious service award
25. meritorious service cross
26. meritorious service cross of canada
27. meritorious service decoration
28. meritorious service decorations
29. meritorious service medal
30. meritorious team commendation
31. meritorious unit award
32. meritorious unit citation
33. meritorious unit commendation
34. meritorious unit commendation ribbon
35. meritorious unit commendations
36. meritorious worker of arts
37. meritorious writer
38. nato meritorious service medal
39. naval reserve meritorious service medal
40. navy meritorious civilian service award
41. navy meritorious public service award
42. navy meritorious service medal
43. navy meritorious unit commendation
44. new zealand meritorious service medal
45. noaa corps meritorious service medal
46. order for meritorious service
47. order of meritorious service
48. order of meritorious service to sarawak
49. police medal for meritorious service
50. usia meritorious honor award


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