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1. let us
2. let us all unite and celebrate together
3. let us be gay
4. let us be like the sun
5. let us beat swords into plowshares
6. let us compare mythologies
7. let us continue
8. let us do
9. let us garlands bring
10. let us go back to the old landmark
11. let us go on this way
12. let us have it
13. let us in
14. let us live
15. let us move on
16. let us never speak of it again
17. let us now praise famous death dwarves
18. let us now praise famous men
19. let us play
20. let us pray
21. let us prey
22. let us say
23. let us suppose
24. let us with a gladsome mind
25. oh come let us adore him
26. so let us entertain you
27. this town will never let us go
28. why don't they let us fall in love
29. why dont they let us fall in love


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