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1. a virus knows no morals
2. a woman who knows what she wants
3. albert says... nature knows best
4. albert says nature knows best
5. alisa knows what to do
6. all one knows
7. and one knows it
8. as/so far as one/someone knows
9. as every schoolboy/schoolchild knows
10. as every schoolboy schoolchild knows
11. as far as anyone knows
12. as far as one knows
13. as far as someone knows
14. as so far as one someone knows
15. ask a woman who knows
16. baidu knows
17. beauty knows no pain
18. before knows it
19. before knows where is
20. before one knows it
21. before one knows where one is
22. before the devil knows you're dead
23. before the devil knows youre dead
24. betrayal knows my name
25. blondie knows best
26. bo knows
27. bo knows bo
28. brooke knows best
29. chrisley knows best
30. daddy knows best
31. dear knows
32. death knows your name
33. devil knows my name
34. don't-knows
35. don't knows
36. dont knows
37. everone knows this is nowhere
38. every woman knows a secret
39. everybody knows
40. everybody knows johnny hodges
41. everybody knows the monkey
42. everybody knows this is nowhere
43. everyone knows that
44. father knows best
45. father knows worst
46. for all knows
47. for all one knows
48. for all sb cares knows
49. for all someone knows
50. for all someone knows cares
51. for aught one knows
52. fuck knows
53. god/goodness/heaven knows
54. god goodness heaven knows
55. god knows
56. god knows how
57. god knows it's true
58. god knows its true
59. god knows where i am
60. god only knows
61. goddess knows
62. goddess only knows
63. goodness/god/heaven/christ knows
64. goodness god heaven christ knows
65. goodness knows
66. gosh knows
67. he knows you're alone
68. he knows you know
69. he knows youre alone
70. heaven knows
71. heaven knows i'm miserable now
72. heaven knows im miserable now
73. heaven knows what
74. heaven only knows
75. hogan knows best
76. holzapfel knows everything
77. i don't care who knows it
78. i dont care who knows it
79. i want to go where no one knows me
80. if knows what's good for
81. if knows whats good for
82. if one knows what's good for one
83. if one knows whats good for one
84. jesus he knows me
85. joe knows how to live
86. Knows
87. knows about
88. knows all the answers
89. knows apart
90. knows backwards
91. knows best
92. knows better than
93. knows by sight
94. knows different
95. knows for a fact
96. knows from
97. knows god
98. knows how many beans make five
99. knows how to push her buttons
100. knows in the biblical sense

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