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1. black-knobbed map turtle
2. black knobbed map turtle
3. blue-knobbed curassow
4. blue knobbed curassow
5. knobbed
6. knobbed crab
7. knobbed crabs
8. knobbed geese
9. knobbed goose
10. knobbed gooses
11. knobbed hornbill
12. knobbed porgie
13. knobbed russet apple
14. knobbed whelk
15. knobbed wrack
16. knobbed wracks
17. red-knobbed coot
18. red-knobbed curassow
19. red-knobbed imperial pigeon
20. red-knobbed starfish
21. red knobbed coot
22. red knobbed curassow
23. red knobbed imperial pigeon
24. red knobbed starfish
25. yellow-knobbed curassow
26. yellow knobbed curassow


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