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1. cartman joins nambla
2. co-joins
3. co joins
4. cross joins
5. ex parte joins
6. fatty joins the force
7. francis joins the wacs
8. full joins
9. full outer joins
10. inner joins
11. jacob's joins
12. jacobs joins
13. joins
14. joins battle
15. joins forces
16. joins hands
17. joins in
18. joins in sth
19. joins up
20. left joins
21. left outer joins
22. mchale's navy joins the air force
23. mchales navy joins the air force
24. mr. monk joins a cult
25. mr monk joins a cult
26. mulan joins the army
27. natural joins
28. old mother riley joins up
29. outer joins
30. properties of arbitrary joins and meets
31. putt-putt joins the circus
32. putt-putt joins the parade
33. putt putt joins the circus
34. putt putt joins the parade
35. right joins
36. right outer joins
37. san mao joins the army


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