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1. bahamian hutia
2. blunt-toothed giant hutia
3. blunt toothed giant hutia
4. desmarest's hutia
5. desmarests hutia
6. dwarf hutia
7. garrido's hutia
8. garridos hutia
9. giant hutia
10. hispaniolan hutia
11. hutia
12. isla de la juventud tree hutia
13. jamaican hutia
14. larger jamaican giant hutia
15. little swan island hutia
16. montane hutia
17. plate-toothed giant hutia
18. plate toothed giant hutia
19. prehensile-tailed hutia
20. prehensile tailed hutia
21. puerto rican hutia
22. samana hutia
23. san felipe hutia
24. wide-toothed hutia
25. wide toothed hutia


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