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1. ... has a vital rle to play
2. a cowboy has to sing
3. a crime has been committed
4. a dark rabbit has seven lives
5. a field only has two ideals
6. a fire has been arranged
7. a growing youth has a wolf in his belly
8. a has-been
9. a has been
10. a lie has no legs
11. a line segment has at most one midpoint
12. a man has been stolen
13. a man has dreams
14. a marriage has been arranged
15. a new day has come
16. a town has turned to dust
17. a woman has fallen
18. a woman has killed
19. after the love has gone
20. all that falls has wings
21. all that was has gone
22. always has been
23. an angel has arrived
24. an end has a start
25. and love has vanished
26. and the healing has begun
27. andre the giant has a posse
28. angel has fallen
29. another day has passed
30. any thing you own that has value or use
31. arse has gone clean out of 'er
32. arse has gone clean out of er
33. arse has gone out of 'er
34. arse has gone out of er
35. arse has gone right out of 'er
36. arse has gone right out of er
37. as is does has etc someone
38. australia has wings
39. ba-has-ah
40. ba-has-teh
41. ba has ah
42. ba has teh
43. bah-has-tkih
44. bah has tkih
45. bart has two mommies
46. be-ka-has-tsoz
47. be-tah-has-gla
48. be glad for the song has no ending
49. be ka has tsoz
50. be tah has gla
51. beauty has grace
52. beelzebub has a devil for a sideboard
53. before has time to draw breath
54. bih-na-has-dzoh
55. bih na has dzoh
56. bil-dah-has-tanh-ya
57. bil dah has tanh ya
58. bilh-has-ahn
59. bilh has ahn
60. billy has no brain
61. bird has flown
62. black wings has my angel
63. blondie has servant trouble
64. blood has been shed
65. bob has no brain
66. body has a head
67. boldly go where no man has gone before
68. boldly goes where no man has gone before
69. boldly gone where no man has gone before
70. boldly went where no man has gone before
71. boy! what love has done to me
72. car dealership has not paid trade off
73. cat has nine lives
74. cat has someone's tongue
75. cat has someones tongue
76. change has come
77. charlie has cancer
78. circle has one center
79. creator has a master plan
80. daddy has a tail
81. danger has two faces
82. day has come
83. dead has arisen
84. death has a bad reputation
85. death has a shadow
86. delirium has just began
87. destiny has fun
88. devil has a name
89. devil has seven faces
90. die has been cast
91. don't lock the stable door after the horse has been stolen
92. dont lock the stable door after the horse has been stolen
93. door that has no key
94. dracula has risen from the grave
95. each heart has its own story
96. eagle has flown
97. eagle has landed
98. eagle has landed - part 3
99. eagle has landed part 3
100. eagle has two heads

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