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101. earth has many a noble city
102. ego has landed
103. ego has landed tour
104. elvis has just left the building
105. elvis has left the building
106. emperor has no balls
107. emperor has no clothes
108. emperor has no clothes award
109. end has no end
110. every cloud has a silver lining
111. every dark cloud has a silver lining
112. every dog has her day
113. every dog has his/its day
114. every dog has his day
115. every dog has his its day
116. every dog has its/his day
117. every dog has its day
118. every dog has its his day
119. every doris has her day
120. every family has a secret
121. every frenchman has one
122. every house has its man
123. every jack has his jill
124. every law has its loophole
125. every man has a price
126. every man has a woman
127. every man has a woman who loves him
128. every man has his price
129. every net has a universal subnet
130. every prime has a primitive root
131. every race has a flag but the coon
132. every rose has a thorn
133. every rose has it's thorn
134. every rose has its thorn
135. every rule has an exception
136. every silver lining has a cloud
137. every vector space has a basis
138. every vector space has a hamel basis
139. every woman has something
140. everybody has
141. everybody has a plan
142. everybody has secrets
143. everyone else has had more sex than me
144. everyone has a cobblepot
145. everyone has a story
146. everyone has their price
147. everything else has gone wrong
148. everything has changed
149. finite ring has no proper overrings
150. for him who has ears to hear
151. for the girl who has everything
152. for the man who has everything
153. fox has
154. france has the bomb
155. frank sinatra has a cold
156. god has a plan for us all
157. god has failed
158. groomer has it
159. ha-has
160. ha has
161. Has
162. has-a
163. has-been
164. has-been heroes
165. has-beens
166. has-beens and never-weres
167. has-bled
168. has-clish-nih
169. has-tai-nel-kad
170. has-tay-dzah
171. has-v
172. has a
173. has a ball
174. has a bath
175. has a bee in bonnet
176. has a bellyful
177. has a bird
178. has a bone to pick
179. has a bun in the oven
180. has a busy/hectic social life
181. has a busy hectic social life
182. has a busy social life
183. has a butcher's
184. has a butchers
185. has a cadenza
186. has a care
187. has a clue
188. has a cob on
189. has a cow
190. has a derry on
191. has a dog and barks oneself
192. has a down on
193. has a feel for
194. has a feeling
195. has a few
196. has a finger in every pie
197. has a finger in the pie
198. has a fit
199. has a foot in both camps
200. has a foot in the door

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