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1. alvaleta guess
2. an educated guess
3. an inspired guess
4. another-guess
5. another guess
6. anybody's/anyone's guess
7. anybody's guess
8. anybodys anyones guess
9. anybodys guess
10. anyone's guess
11. anyones guess
12. at a guess
13. be anybody's guess
14. be anybodys guess
15. be anyone's guess
16. be anyones guess
17. best guess
18. best of the guess who
19. by guess and by golly
20. by guess and by gosh
21. carol guess
22. considered guess
23. educated guess
24. elizabeth guess
25. eye guess
26. first-guess field
27. first guess field
28. francis guess
29. fredrick guess
30. g by guess
31. George Guess
32. george w. guess
33. george w guess
34. gillian guess
35. griffin guess
36. guess
37. guess-rope
38. guess-ropes
39. guess-the-verb
40. guess-warp
41. guess-warps
42. guess at
43. guess at sth
44. guess correctly
45. guess george
46. guess god thinks i'm abel
47. guess god thinks im abel
48. guess guess guess
49. guess how much i love you
50. guess i'll hang my tears out to dry
51. guess i'm doing fine
52. guess i'm dumb
53. guess ill hang my tears out to dry
54. guess im doing fine
55. guess im dumb
56. guess jeans
57. guess list
58. guess my story
59. guess right
60. guess rope
61. guess ropes
62. guess stick
63. guess sticks
64. guess the verb
65. guess things happen that way
66. guess this house
67. guess value
68. guess warp
69. guess warps
70. guess what
71. guess what's coming to dinner
72. guess what we learned in school today
73. guess whats coming to dinner
74. guess who
75. guess who's back
76. guess who's comin' to the crib
77. guess who's coming for dinner
78. guess who's coming to criticize dinner
79. guess who's coming to dinner
80. guess who's sleeping in my bed
81. guess who discography
82. guess who i saw today
83. guess whos back
84. guess whos comin to the crib
85. guess whos coming for dinner
86. guess whos coming to criticize dinner
87. guess whos coming to dinner
88. guess whos sleeping in my bed
89. guess with jess
90. guess wrong
91. have another guess coming
92. hazard a guess
93. i/you/he etc. can only guess
94. i/you/he etc can only guess
95. i/you/she etc. would never guess
96. i/you/she etc would never guess
97. i guess
98. i guess i'll always love you
99. i guess i'll hang my tears out to dry
100. i guess i'll have to change my plan

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