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101. find it in your heart to do sth
102. find its level
103. find its own level
104. find its target
105. find its way
106. find its way somewhere
107. find legs
108. find level
109. find liable
110. find make common cause with someone
111. find manpower
112. find me
113. find me/follow me
114. find me a family
115. find me anywhere
116. find me before i die a lonely death.com
117. find me before i die a lonely deathcom
118. find me follow me
119. find me guilty
120. find me in these fields
121. find me my man
122. find me service
123. find my baby
124. find my family
125. find my friends
126. find my iphone
127. find my keys and we'll drive out
128. find my keys and well drive out
129. find my love
130. find my past
131. find my phone
132. find my ring size
133. find myself in you
134. find necessary
135. find not guilty
136. find nothing to praise
137. find number
138. find on the wrong side of the law
139. find one's bearings
140. find one's feet
141. find one's level
142. find one's mark/target
143. find one's own level
144. find one's own thing
145. find one's thing
146. find one's tongue
147. find one's voice
148. find one's way
149. find ones bearings
150. find ones feet
151. find ones level
152. find ones mark target
153. find ones own level
154. find ones own thing
155. find ones thing
156. find ones tongue
157. find ones voice
158. find ones way
159. find oneself
160. find oneself in a bind
161. find oneself in a jam
162. find oneself in the doghouse
163. find oneself in the market
164. find oneself in the public eye
165. find oneself with
166. find oneself without
167. find one’s advantage in
168. find out
169. find out/see how the land lies
170. find out about
171. find out about something
172. find out exactly
173. find out how the land lies
174. find out see how the land lies
175. find out the hard way
176. find out the meaning of
177. find out the price of
178. find out what's happening
179. find out whats happening
180. find out who your friends are
181. find out why
182. find outlet
183. find own level
184. find passage
185. find people
186. find probable
187. find public records
188. find room for
189. find sb out
190. find search
191. find see how the land lies
192. find shelter
193. find someone a bit off
194. find someone innocent
195. find someone not guilty
196. find someone out
197. find something in mint condition
198. find something out
199. find spot
200. find spot or find spot

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