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1. a chosen few
2. a few
3. a few 'gurt men
4. a few acres of snow
5. a few best men
6. a few bob
7. a few brass instruments
8. a few cards short of a deck
9. a few cards shy of a full deck
10. a few complex multiplication tables
11. a few couple of steps
12. a few cubic meters of love
13. a few days from the life of i.i. oblomov
14. a few days from the life of ii oblomov
15. a few days in september
16. a few days later
17. a few days of respite
18. a few days with me
19. a few dollars for django
20. a few drinks
21. a few fries short of a happy meal
22. a few good men
23. a few good things remain
24. a few gurt men
25. a few hours of spring
26. a few miles from memphis
27. a few moments with eddie cantor
28. a few notes on our food problem
29. a few ole country boys
30. a few questions
31. a few quick ones
32. a few red drops
33. a few roos loose in the top paddock
34. a few seconds before happiness
35. a few seconds of panic
36. a few small repairs
37. a few times
38. a few well-chosen words
39. a few well chosen words
40. a few words on non-intervention
41. a few words on non intervention
42. a few zs
43. a good few
44. a man/woman of few words
45. a man of few words
46. a man woman of few words
47. ain't but a few of us left
48. aint but a few of us left
49. all too easy few often etc
50. as few as
51. be few and far between
52. beautiful few
53. bobby few
54. boy wonder chosen few
55. catch a few rays
56. catch a few zeds
57. chosen few
58. chosen few mc
59. chosen few motorcycle club
60. chosin few
61. cover-few
62. cover few
63. critical few
64. disappointed a few people
65. every few
66. expressed in few words
67. feather-few
68. feather few
69. few
70. few-body systems
71. few-flowered
72. few-flowered leek
73. few-flowered sedge
74. few-flowered sedges
75. few against many
76. few and far between
77. few body systems
78. few bricks short of a load
79. few cards short of a deck
80. few cards short of a full deck
81. few cards shy of a full deck
82. few clouds
83. few dollars for django
84. few flowered
85. few flowered leek
86. few flowered sedge
87. few flowered sedges
88. few good men
89. few if any
90. few no not many takers
91. few not fleeting
92. few of us
93. few options
94. few sandwiches short of a picnic
95. few things left unsaid
96. few william
97. first of the few
98. for a few bullets
99. for a few dollars less
100. for a few dollars more

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