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1. 1893 world's fair
2. 1893 worlds fair
3. 1996 fair act
4. a dream of fair women
5. a fair-haired boy
6. a fair-weather friend
7. a fair country
8. a fair crack of the whip
9. a fair day's wage for a fair day's work
10. a fair days wage for a fair days work
11. a fair deal
12. a fair go
13. a fair haired boy
14. a fair hearing
15. a fair maiden
16. a fair quarrel
17. a fair shake
18. a fair shake of the dice
19. a fair to remember
20. a fair weather friend
21. a good fair bit
22. absolutely fair
23. abu dhabi international book fair
24. accessible art fair
25. advance australia fair
26. affirmatively furthering fair housing
27. affordable art fair
28. after the fair
29. against fair trade
30. agricultural fair
31. agricultural fair practices act of 1967
32. alaska state fair
33. albacete fair
34. all's fair
35. all's fair at the fair
36. all's fair in love and war
37. all's fair in oven war
38. all-ohio state fair youth choir
39. all in love is fair
40. all is fair
41. all is fair in love and war
42. all ohio state fair youth choir
43. all the fun of the fair
44. all things fair
45. alls fair
46. alls fair at the fair
47. alls fair in love and war
48. alls fair in oven war
49. all’s fair in love and war
50. american institute fair
51. american international toy fair
52. americans for fair taxation
53. animal fair
54. anster fair
55. anti-slavery fair
56. anti slavery fair
57. antwerp book fair
58. antwerp diamond trade fair
59. anuga food fair
60. appleby horse fair
61. arden fair mall
62. are you going to scarborough fair
63. arizona state fair
64. art apart fair
65. art fair
66. art fair on the square
67. arts county fair
68. asian contemporary art fair
69. atlanta fantasy fair
70. australia fair fuchsia
71. australia fair shopping centre
72. australian fair pay commission
73. ballinasloe fair
74. ballinasloe horse fair
75. banagher horse fair
76. banbury fair iris
77. bandra fair
78. baneshwar fair
79. barbara the fair with the silken hair
80. barnet fair
81. barnet horse fair
82. bartholomew fair
83. battersea fun fair crash
84. battle of fair garden
85. battle of fair oaks
86. battle of fair oaks & darbytown road
87. battle of lochmaben fair
88. bay fair
89. bay fair station
90. be a fair bet
91. be fair
92. be fair game
93. be set fair
94. bear and the maiden fair
95. become fair
96. been set fair
97. beggars fair
98. being set fair
99. belgrade book fair
100. belgrade fair

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