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1. accomplished facts
2. accordant with the facts
3. according to the facts
4. acquired facts
5. adjudicative facts
6. admission of the facts
7. agreed statement of facts
8. allegation of facts
9. alternate facts
10. alternative facts
11. amazing facts
12. anti-facts
13. anti facts
14. assemble the facts
15. assertion of facts
16. at variance with the facts
17. available facts
18. bare facts
19. basic facts
20. basic facts about ordered rings
21. be in possession of the facts
22. bear facts
23. belgium facts
24. bend facts
25. bend the facts
26. between facts and norms
27. body of facts on which belief is based
28. book of facts
29. books of facts
30. brazosport facts
31. brute facts
32. bush hid the facts
33. cancer facts and figures
34. center for union facts
35. chuck norris facts
36. collateral facts
37. collateral facts /issues
38. collateral facts evidence
39. collateral facts issues
40. collect facts
41. collection of facts
42. d-facts
43. d facts
44. declaration of facts
45. dogmatic facts
46. establish as facts
47. examination into facts or principles
48. face facts
49. face the facts
50. facts
51. facts about riemann--stieltjes integral
52. facts about riemann stieltjes integral
53. facts admitted at trial
54. facts and arguments for darwin
55. facts and fictions
56. facts and figures
57. facts and logic about the middle east
58. facts for life
59. facts i
60. facts in five
61. facts in the case of m. valdemar
62. facts in the case of m valdemar
63. facts in the case of mister hollow
64. facts in the matter
65. facts issue collateral
66. facts judicially noted
67. facts of death
68. facts of life
69. facts of life down under
70. facts of life goes to paris
71. facts of life reunion
72. facts of lives
73. facts of murder
74. facts of the case
75. facts on file
76. facts on skin cancer
77. facts on the ground
78. facts on west virginia
79. facts speak for themselves
80. facts which establish the point in issue
81. famous first facts
82. finding of facts
83. formal examination of facts by a court
84. french facts
85. fuck the facts
86. fuck the facts discography
87. fun facts
88. further facts
89. get down to the facts
90. get her facts straight
91. get his facts straight
92. get one's/the facts straight
93. get one's facts straight
94. get ones facts straight
95. get ones the facts straight
96. get the facts
97. get the facts straight
98. get their facts straight
99. get your facts straight/right
100. get your facts straight right

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